anita "I am extending my gratitude to Dr. Pacelli and Nutritional Wellness Program, I am no longer a Diabetic (When I began the program I chose not to continue taking my diabetic and cholesterol medicines as I improved and my body was returning to a state of well being.)  Presently I am no longer a diabetic and my overall health has tremendously improved. I now have more energy, am able to do more around the house and outside the house in the yard each day. My hip pain that I had for years has been totally eliminated. It is great to state I have also lost weight and maintain the loss while having all this energy."

Mrs. Anita Franz – March 04, 2009

betsy "Since my assessment for healthcare in 2008 at this complex for allergies, stress, spinal pain in neck, mid-back & lower back, balance problems, joint pain all over and other symptoms. I would have to take medications at least twice a day that did not help me at all.

I began with Dr. Pacelli and his program and my life changed! Today, I have been educated in a new lifestyle that I am responsible for my future health. I am drinking more water with my program and I am at peace with myself. I no longer need any medications; I sleep now 8-9 hours and am well rested. My walking is balanced, no pain in my spine, my joint feel great with no pain or aching. WOW, it is wonderful to have no allergies anymore! Now, I have a sense of “Wholeness” about myself (inside & outside, being more in tune).  I am blessed to have a support system that cares about me and will assist me to become as healthy as I would like – True Wellness – the state of healthy living energy in balance. Thank you so much Dr. Pacelli & staff for giving me my life back again."

Mrs. Betsy Pixley – February 14, 2009

melissa "Master Blake entered the complex for having being diagnosis with Autism in the year 2000 at the age of five years old. Since being treated by Dr. Pacelli’s  Advanced Program three weeks ago the following has been noticed by me and my husband. Blake has become more cooperative, his aggression is much less, and  overall he seems to be doing much better. We are very pleased with how much improvement has happened in just three weeks of this type of health care."

Mrs. Melissa Peters – March 09, 2009

carl "Thanks to Dr. Pacelli and Nutritional Wellness Program, I have no longer need to take blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicines (Chose to stop taking them because of my excellent results). In being treated through nutrition vitamins supplements to get rid of heavy metals I had uncovered from working in a factory for over 30 years with the inclusion of parasites. I began treatment to remove them from my body and in ridding them they eliminated through my skin and I looked like a raw piece of meat. My legs, arms, back, chest and neck wept with a tremendous amount of itching too. In time they all were gone and my skin is looking almost 100% improved. I have begun to gain back my normal weight for I lost 30-40 pounds. Through the complete Advanced Program and the specialized Quantum Neurology Release for my hips are staying in place and I have more energy and do a lot more odd jobs at home and in my garage and yard."

Mr. Carl Franz – March 04, 2009

james "I have been a carpenter for over 40 years and have had a number of spinal conditions that Dr. Pacelli has helped me overcome. Since beginning this Advanced Program for my emphysema, that created many problems as breathing, loss of energy, wheezing, coughing, and a number of allergies. I was consuming different medications for all these symptoms I had but there was no lasting results.   One day, Dr. Pacelli and I discussed his new Advanced Program and I decided to work with Dr. P in changing my state of health for the present time and into the future.  I wanted to be well and stay well! He directed me with his staff on many things I did not know or understand but he stated over and over True Wellness and energy.  We began only 4 or 5 weeks ago and my life has changed for the better. I feel much better today with energy; I can breathe again fully with no wheezing. Guess what, no more allergies and no medication! All my joints are feeling much better and my pain in my knees is almost all gone. If you want to feel and be alive again, I am here to tell you to start on this Advanced Program with Dr. P and you also will reap the benefits, True Wellness."

Mr. James Clark – March 18, 2009

juan "Since my assessment for my left knee condition in 2009 at this complex for knee pain, swelling, being unable to walk normally, stand too long and I could not bend it at all or place any weight on it for the pain was so intense. I was unable to sleep, or perform any of my daily duty normally because of all this pain. I thought that a knee operation may be needed for my knee.  I began with Dr. Pacelli and his program and my knee and life began to change! Today, I have no pain, swelling, or limited movement to my knee. I can also sleep good, have plenty of energy, walk, bend and use my knee as I did in the past. I did not need a knee operation or take any pain killers. I have been educated in a better lifestyle for my overall state of health as Dr. Pacelli calls True Wellness. I am so pleased that a friend recommended me to the complex and Dr. Pacelli, all I can say is thank you so much Dr. P & staff for giving me my normal life back."

Mr. Juan Diaz – March 12, 2009


"After joining the Wellness Program, my overall health has improved. My digestion is better and I have more energy. As a result of a head injury as an infant I have had muscle weakness& tight tendons in my right heel. Dr. Pacelli has been treating me with his laser treatment which has made a tremendous difference in my walking. The limp is less noticeable and I am hopeful for a full recovery."

Mrs. Sharon Baker – March 05, 2009


"Prior to coming to the Nutritional & Wellness Complex, I was being treated for possible heart attack. After one treatment the pain in my left side was completely gone and feeling again returned to my left foot. I have also noticed that my eyesight has improved, with my breathing. I have been a past smoker but with the Advanced Program that constant urge to smoke has diminished. I look forward to my eliminating the smoking in the near future too. Since coming to the complex for the past few months now, I have been sleeping better, have more energy and have no pain anywhere in my body.  I can do more at home and at work in my daily habits."

Mr. Thomas A. Reifel – March 08, 2009

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